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Planned Therapies

The needs of the wounded warrior are novel in today's conflicts. Blast injuries, which account for 80% of catastrophic injuries, represent the most complex and challenging injuries to treat, in particular when they involve multiple areas of the body. Battlefield wounds are often accompanied by massive loss of soft tissue, infection, and severely damaged vasculature, which compromises the body's ability to mount an effective healing response. The uniqueness of severe battlefield injuries makes it difficult to simply adapt available therapies and surgical procedures from the civilian sector, but instead requires a focused effort to address the regenerative needs of our most severely injured warriors.  

Through these four programs, the RCCC seeks to address the needs of these warriors.

The RCCC Limb Salvage and Regeneration Program

The RCCC Nerve Repair and Regeneration Program

The RCCC Craniofacial Reconstruction Program

The RCCC Treatment of Burns and Inflammation, Healing without Scarring, Skin Replacement Program