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The mission of the Armed Forces Institute of Regenerative Medicine is to develop new products and therapies to treat severe injuries suffered by US service members in the current wars. The AFIRM teams, working in research laboratories and clinics across the country, are advancing biological therapies (including adult stem cells and growth factors), tissue and biomaterials engineering, and advanced transplantation methods that limit rejection.

AFIRM encompasses two large academic-clinical consortiums spanning more than 30 institutions, the US Army Institute of Surgical Research, and several dozen companies. The US Army Medical Research and Materiel Command (USAMRMC) directs the entire enterprise, fostering synergies among the current partners and remaining open to new partners who can accelerate progress toward urgently needed therapeutic goals.



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  • Research and Development please visit Our Research                                                                  OR for a full pdf technical report see AFIRM Annual Report Document