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Collaborating with RCCC

Collaboration is the foundation of the AFIRM.


Productive science and technology development is a multi-disciplinary process, and the AFIRM is built on the premise that productive collaboration is essential to our success.  


AFIRM projects bring together many of the most talented and productive clinicians and researchers in orthopaedics, cell biology, biomaterials, dermatology, dentistry, trauma, radiology, plastic surgery, neurosurgery, vascular surgery and biomedical engineering. We believe that breaking down barriers to development of new treatments starts with breaking down barriers between disciplines, departments and locations, and between private industry and public institutions.


AFIRM researchers welcome opportunities to build new collaborations, especially those that are synergistic with currently-funded AFIRM programs. To inquire about opportunities to partner with leaders in specific technology areas, please see the contact information on individual technology pages, or contact us here.

Image courtesy of Cleveland Clinic