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Clinical Trials

The Rutgers-Cleveland Clinic Consortium will start clinical trials of therapies for some of the toughest problems faced by military medical caregivers.


Skin and joints pulled together due to extensive scarring (currently enrolling - click here)

Fat transfer from another part of the injured patient. Adam Katz, MD, of the University of Florida, will use and modify existing plastic surgery procedures to develop methods to speed the healing of new scars and the loosening of severe existing scars.


Extensive and deep injuries to the face

Facial reconstruction with tissue grafts from donors. In this trial, Maria Siemionow, MD, PhD, and her team of surgeons at the Cleveland Clinic are working with the US Army Institute of Surgical Research.


Life-threatening, 3rd degree burns to more than 50% of the total body surface area

Engineered human skin formed from skin taken from another part of the burned patient. One of AFIRM's industrial partners, Steven Boyce, PhD, of the University of Cincinnati, and surgeons at the US Army Institute of Surgical Research and the Brooke Army Medical Center in San Antonio work together to create new skin grown from a small region of the patient’s own healthy skin.



If you think that you, or one of your loved ones, might benefit from being in one of these clinical trials, please talk to your doctor. If you and your doctor think that one of these trials is right for your condition, please have your doctor contact us here. The RCCC welcomes volunteers who have conditions appropriate for each trial.