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The RCCC Treatment of Burns and Inflammation, Healing without Scarring, Skin Replacement Program

Burn injuries create acute risks for the injured warfighter in addition to long-term consequences including psychological and related social challenges, and significant cost of treatment. Skin loss becomes the major problem within 24 hours after burn injury, secondary to barrier disruption, which leads to fluid and heat loss and a predisposition to infection. Progressive inflammation and extension of burns during the first few days after injury compound these problems and can have a devastating effect both: (1) acutely, with deep second-degree burns often extending to become full-thickness third degree burns which then lead to increased tissue loss, longer healing times, and excess morbidity and mortality; and (2) chronically, with increased scarring, wound contractures, and poor quality of life. Therapies for burn, skin, and nonscar healing are a major focus of the RCCC, as burn injuries account for significant morbidity in the present wars.

Burn Healing and Skin Projects